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Man Slapped With Life Imprisonment for Murder of Brother

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A man was on Thursday sentenced to life imprisonment after a Siaya court found him guilty of killing his brother over a land dispute.

Lady Justice Roselyn Aburili found 36-year-old Michael Onyango Awich guilty of murdering his own brother who went missing on the 11th of February 2020 before his mutilated remains were later found.

During the ruling, the court concluded that Onyango was deemed a man of a violent nature and proven guilty of the capital offence of murder, sentenced to serve the remainder of his life behind bars.

The deceased Charles Oduor Awich who worked as a Watchman at Oseno Kamolo primary school in Kamolo sub-location, Siaya county went missing on the 11th of February 2020 only for his body to be recovered 10 days later.

The suspect is said to have hired some goons that went to the deceased’s house at around 10pm the night before he was reported missing. They took him under the pretense of being police officers from Ndere police station and that Odour was needed at the station.

The deceased’s wife Hellen Aum told the court that her children were instructed by their father to go to sleep when they met two men on motorbikes that requested to see Odour.

“The children came back to the house while accompanied by two men. They then identified Charles and demanded that he needs to be at Ndere police station to testify about an ongoing case,” said the wife.

“My husband then boarded the motor bike with these two gentlemen and we followed them from behind at a distance but they took another route. When we reached the station there was no trace of them ever being there,” Hellen explained.

Charles Oduor’s body was later on found at Sango beach on the 21st of February 2020 by the area residents, by which time the body was decomposed.

Dr. Angira from the Port Victoria Mortuary who conducted a postmortem on the body stated that the deceased had a cut wound on the middle part of his abdomen and several stab wounds on the back of the abdomen. 

“There was also decapitation of the right skin on the neck and missing left upper limb all which led to the conclusion that the cause of death was decapitation and severe loss of blood,” the doctor told the court.

The two brothers are said to have been involved in a land dispute in Nyalgunga. The deceased had been complaining to the assistant chief Peter Ochieng’ Keya about his portion of land that he claimed was left to him by his grandfather and was being sold to some people without his consent.

The villagers were aware of the land dispute between the two brothers and did not think twice when they found out that Odour had gone missing.

It was also demonstrated before court by prosecution witnesses that Michael Onyango was a violent man who had been divorced thrice due to his violent nature.