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Pastor Sits for KCSE Exams 37 Years After Dropping Out of School

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A 57-year old pastor and a father of two in Embu is sitting for his KCSE exams after dropping out at class 6 in 1985.

John Rutere, a pastor at Yahweh restoration assembly church in Gikuuri, Embu East, said that he resumed his academic ambitions in 2016 at Kangaru District Education Board (D.E.B) Centre at an adult education centre in Embu where he sat for KCPE exams and later his KCSE exams this year.

Rutere said that his dropping out of school was contributed by his parents when they divorced in 1985 and his father remarried forcing him to start doing odd jobs in order to feed his siblings.

“I dropped out after my parents separated, forcing me to start doing casual jobs in order to take care of my siblings because we were left in the care of an unsupportive stepmother,’’ he said.

“Our stepmother didn’t support us in school neither did our father and many are the days we slept hungry because they denied us food causing us to drop out of school,’’ he added.

Rutere said that the hard situations that he went through while under the care of his stepmother drove him into preaching ministry with a call to speak the truth as the word of God commands, so as to bring sanity in families.

After attending a bible school in Eldoret in 1995 and going through the basics of theological studies, he said that he felt an urge to go back to school so as to improve his basic education.

He added that it’s after this conviction that he started preparing for going back to school which was actualised in 2016 when he joined Kangaru D.E.B education centre and adult education centre in Embu and sat for his KCPE and now KCSE exams.

“I needed more education to handle church responsibilities and believers, some of them are much educated to avoid misleading them due to illiteracy,’’ he said.

The pastor, who dreams of attaining a degree in theology later in his life, said he is well prepared for the examinations and he hopes to shine when the results will be released.