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Nairobi Assembly to Pass Air Pollution Bill this Week

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Nairobi City County Air Quality 2021 Bill is expected to be passed this week.

The bill seeks to control emissions of waste from various companies in the city.

According to MCAs the bill will ensure proper emission and those companies that have been emitting waste and polluted air will be shut down.

During public participation meetings residents of Landimawe slum, Viwandani and Fuata Nyayo in South B raised concerns over the air pollution in their residential areas and the need to shut companies emitting harmful substances in their environment adding that many are staring at diseases such as lung cancer.

“An Owner or occupier of every existing premises engaged in any industrial activity as specified in the regulations including that which is not subject to any condition on limit values for air pollutants whether on license issued or approval granted for the operation of the existing facility.” The bill reads in part.

The operation to shut pollutants is expected to start next after the Bill has been passed and assented into law.