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Jubilee Party Told to Block Corrupt Politicians Seeking Elective Posts

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A section of members of the Jubilee Party from Murang’a county want the party not to issue direct nominations to individuals associated with corruption.

The members who were speaking at Kenol town in Murang’a on Monday said the panel which is in charge of bringing various candidates together and issuing tickets through consensus, thoroughly evaluate each of the aspirants and block those who have been mentioned in scandals involving loss of public money.

Led by Ngugi Mburu, the residents noted that in Murang’a only persons with high level of integrity should be given a party ticket to compete in the August 9 elections.’

“Jubilee party opted to use a consensus method to get the right candidates for general elections but we call upon the party to block all those who have been mentioned in fraud cases,” said Mburu.

The group which is allied to Professor Peter Kagwanja and who is eyeing senatorial seat observed that former Murang’a senator Kembi Gitura cannot be trusted after he was mentioned in the KEMSA scandal.

Ngugi said issuing a corrupt candidate party ticket to run for a seat in the general elections, will taint the image of the party.

“We are rebranding our party and we don’t want people who will spoil the party’s image. We request president Uhuru Kenyatta who is our leader to ensure only people of integrity are allowed to fly the Jubilee ticket of Jubilee.” Added Ngugi.

On his part, Samuel Kamau observed that those sitting in the panel should not be biased and not to rely on one sided reports.

“We hear the consensus relies only on reports given by public administrators, our appeal is to listen to each side and make a wise decision which will ensure the Jubilee party clinches many seats during the general elections.

“Doing a mistake of giving a ticket to a candidate who is not popular, will make the party lose many seats,” added Kamau.

The members exuded confidence with Kagwanja, saying he has not been mentioned in any corruption despite being a political advisor in President Mwai Kibaki’s regime.

They lauded a petition which was taken to court by non-government organizations seeking to bar those mentioned in various corruption cases from seeking elective positions.

The case, which was filed last week, is expected to be mentioned on April 20, with those supporting Kagwanja asking the government not to interfere with the petition.