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Azimio Opens Office in Kirinyaga County

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Azimio La Umoja/One Kenya Alliance has opened an office in Kirinyaga County becoming the first out of the 47 counties to do so.

The offices are located in Wanguru Township just directly opposite the Wanguru International Stadium.

According to the Coalition County Coordinator Joakim Maragia, the office has now become a refuge for aspirants who were shortchanged by the UDA during its nominations.

Among the most notable beneficiaries of the facility is Sammy Kagoiyo who is now flying the ODM ticket for the local gubernatorial seat.

Kagoiyo who was received by the Coordinator said he had realized the Azimio coalition was the only democratic outfit where everyone was accommodated.

“The recent UDA nominations flushed out competent  and well deserving leaders and opted for unpopular and tainted ones and to us in the ODM, this was a blessing in disguise for come August 9, we will send them packing,” Kagoiyo vowed.

Another disillusioned UDA aspirant was Hasia Ireri who is now the County flag bearer for the ODM Woman Representative contender. 

Many area MCA aspirants who were rigged out by the UDA party officials were left stranded after their appeals were delayed deliberately in order to deny them their democratic right to participate in the electoral process.

Maragia has now welcomed all such leaders who while receiving them said after the general elections Azimio will not abandon them midstream.

“Since such leaders cannot seek for other tickets to vie for the respective seats, they have now promised to support Azimio candidates in order to achieve the aspirations and target of the coalition,” the official said.

Added Maragia, “With this new found formidable combination, we are sending a warning to our UDA competitors that come the general elections, it will be Azimio, Azimio, Azimio, all through!”

The official said with the Narc Kenya leader Martha Karua now solidly in Azimio, Raila Odinga was ultimately headed to the State House.