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Martha Karua Endorsed as Raila’s Running Mate  

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The Professional Women of Nairobi held a press briefing to show their support for Martha Karua as the most suited candidate to deputize the Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga during the forthcoming general election.

Speaking during a press briefing that was held at a Nairobi hotel Wednesday, The Professional Women of Nairobi representative Njeri Kereini affirmed that they are wholeheartedly in support of Karua being Odinga’s running mate.

“Karua has been a dedicated advocate for the protection of women’s rights, a pioneer and a firm defender of the democratic process in Kenya considering the scarcity of women in the decision making process spheres,” Kereini said.

Kereini also pointed out the excellent leadership skills she has displayed in her political career stating that Karua has made sacrifices for what she believes in despite the challenges she faced.

“The Narc Kenya leader has been a symbol of truth; value based leadership, principle and has demonstrated what women in Kenya represent,” Kereini commended.

At the same time, she declared that The Professional Women of Nairobi believe that through the partnerships formed under the Azimio Coalition, Kenya is assured of transformative change in its socio-economic landscape.

“Should Karua take office of the deputy president of Kenya, it will be an honor to rally our strength behind this great patriot to build trust networks within the professional community and address the trust deficit in the sector,” Kereini assured.

Mitumba Consortium Association of Kenya Chairperson Teresia Wairimu stated that their support for Karua is not based on gender, but on her ability to steer the government ahead.

“Karua is sensitive to the needs of the business owners especially the Small and Medium Enterprises and the jua kali sectors and we have seen her supporting several businesses in the country,” Wairimu said.

She advised the citizens to support her if she becomes Deputy President and was hopeful that she could also become the president one day.

Dr. Janerose Mutegi, education management and public policy expert stated that she would like the August 9th elections to be different from all the elections we have had in the past, since the women’s voice will be heard.

“We believe that Karua is a woman of integrity and has development and leadership records that are unparalleled and therefore, we appeal to Odinga to choose her as his running mate,” Mutegi urged.