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How MKU Founder Simon Gicharu Contributed Ksh240 Million to Raila’s Campaigns

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Details have emerged of how Mount Kenya University founder Simon Gicharu made a contribution of around Ksh240 million towards Azimio la Umoja One Kenya alliance campaign fund.

Last week, influential businessmen and oligarchs had dinner in Nairobi where they raised over Ksh. 1 billion towards presidential candidate Raila Odinga campaigns.

The fundraiser was held at the prestigious Safari Park Hotel where the rich and influential dine and wine.

During the dinner, it is also said that media mogul S.K Macharia made a personal contribution of Ksh. 300 million followed by Gicheru’s Ksh 240 million, in what appears like a competition of who would make the highest donations.

“It was a well-attended event. Most contributors never wanted to be identified but what I know is that S.K Macharia gave a personal contribution of Ksh. 300 million and Mr. Gicharu, through a proxy, sent 240 million towards funding Odinga’s campaigns,” a source who attended the dinner disclosed.

in the event, a buffet per individual was retailing between Ksh 500,000 to Ksh1 million.

Macharia has been a staunch supporter of Odinga in previous elections where he has vied but lost with Gicharu previously supporting Kenya’s incumbent President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Gicharu’s change of heart to fund Odinga, insiders say, is based on the fact that Kenyatta has already fallen out with his deputy president William Ruto and his funding is seen as a loyalty to Kenyatta who is his closet friend.

Gicharu reportedly fell out with Ruto a few years ago after ascending to power where bad politics and tender wars saw him ejected from Geothermal Development Corporation by Ruto proxies.Uhuru would later appoint him to Rural Electrification Authority as chairman.

The story was first published by https://www.vanguardnews.ug/gicharu-macharia-outdo-themselves-at-raila-fundraiser/