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Blow to Wanderjoy Party as his bet on Raila presidency flops

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As president Uhuru Kenyatta reign comes to an end on Tuesday when his deputy and now president-elect William Ruto will be sworn as the Head of State.

Political orphans cling on a straw but more beaten is business oligarchs  who have benefitted  from close ties from state house  by securing lucrative deals especially in the hospitality industry.

One such person  is Mr Isaac Maina Wandere, the proprietor of Wanderjoy Party World, a company that has consistently been charged with state events for decades  thanks to his close ties with Mr Kenyatta  and his associates.

Mr Wandere is now left exposed and he may find it hard  navigating in business circles  especially in Mr Ruto’s presidency after he vigorously campaigned for Mr Raila Odinga and even went ahead to bankroll  his campaign with Sh 312 millions.

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‘’Mr Wandere made a big mistake of mixing politics with business  and went ahead to fund Raila Odinga campaign  hoping he would win and continue doing business  with the government. Unfortunately Raila Odinga lost  to Mr Ruto and as you may remember Mr Ruto has been categorical in doing away with few individuals  who are well connected tenderpreneurs  who have beneffitted  from doing business with government for kickbacks,’’ said a source who is in hospitality industry

So connected is Wanderjoy founder that he got exclusive rights  to set up a middle class restaurant  within the DCI headquarters  that is ran by his wife.

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Mr Wandere was in the limelight during the elections  where he collided  with a section of his church leaders at AIPCA  church where he is the lead patron  after he unsuccessfully  tried to prevail upon them to vote for Mr Raila Odinga presidency  but it backfired.

This is after the mission leaked and UDA diehards exposed his mission.

Wanderjoy proprietor Maina Wandere during a past event

Ruto won the presidency through the United Democratic Alliance  while Mr Odinga lost through the Azimio la Umoja coalition.