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Mbeere Locals Protest Issuance of Titles for Adjudicated Area, Say There’s Plan to Shortchange Beneficiaries

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A section of locals living in the adjudicated land in Riakanau, Gacavari in Mbeere South, has urged President William Ruto to come in person and issue the title deeds for the area in public saying they are being issued indoors and they fear the titles may be given out to other people who will evict them later.

The locals say that they have information that the titles are being issued to those who manage to give out Sh 5,000 to the mandated land board in the area, a move that they say may subject them to evictions from their land through proxies.

They wondered why there was a rush to issue the titles from office other than a public place pointing out that the president had promised to issue the deeds to the beneficiaries once elected as president.

‘’There are some people who think that they are going to play a cat and mouse game with the title deeds, why the rush to issue single title deeds to individuals in office, how shall we know who has been given or those are trying to shortchange the whole beneficiaries. Titles are very important documents and especially for the land in Mbeere everything should be put on the table, we need the titles issued in public,’’ said one of the locals in Riakanau.

President William Ruto (while he was DP) with former Mbeere South MP Geoffrey King’ang’i during the opening of Mbeere South Land Registry where they issued 12,000 title deeds to locals of Wachoro, Gichichie and Riakina adjudicated schemes.

It is alleged that about 2,000 title deeds for Makima and Karaba adjudication sections are now under the custody of the land board in Kiritiri pending issuance and they have been issued with a green card.

The locals wondered why title deeds for Wachoro adjudication area were issued in public yet for Karaba and Makima were issued in bars.

‘’There is a plot to change the beneficiaries and that is why we want the titles issued in public for transparency,’’ said one of the residents in Gacavari.

Also, the residents have urged the local leaders to come out and speak on the matter saying they were not satisfied with the progress of the process.

‘’We need our governor Cecily Mbarire to come out together with our MP Eng. Nebert Muriuki and tell us why the titles are being issued in office other than a public place, then whether we are required to pay Sh 5,000 to get our title deeds,’’ they pleaded.

Both Makima and Mwea ward locals have in the past urged the government to ensure proper physical verification of people currently living on the land and those who possess allotment letters and also the proposed beneficiaries to avert evictions.

The land was adjudicated in 1978 but processing of title deeds stalled as residents opposed it and obtained injunctions on grounds that the deserving people were left out.