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Nairobi Attorney Lydia Kwamboka Accused of Colluding With Lawfirms to Raise Legal Fees

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The circus that is Nairobi continues to take new twists with every administration with the latest expose revealing that some staff are allegedly colluding with lawyers to defraud the county of millions of Shillings.

At the centre of the entire Saga is Nairobi Attorney General Lydia Kwamboka’s office which is accused of perpetrating the said vice.

The office bearer is said to have worked closely with a section of lawyers and advocates where she allegedly benefitted by receiving kickbacks.

According to key but factual information in our possession and which was shared with us by a reliable whistle-blower, Kwamboka has been working closely with some of the legal firms to facilitate their payment for her to get her kickbacks.

”We wonder why we have been spending millions of cash in some of the cases that city hall is yet to win,” said a sitting MCA.

According to our factual investigations, one of the legal firms which Kwamboka is said to be working closely with is Cecil Miller advocates.

The law firm is highly regarded by the county Attorney and no one including the MCAs has the power to question the same.

In recent days legal payment from the county has been in the spotlight attracting investigation agencies that are yet to bore fruit.

In January 2021, the Ethics Anti-Corruption Commission commenced investigations on the payment of legal fees to 26 law firms by City Hall.

In a letter dated January 21, 2021, EACC asked the County Secretary to furnish it with the specific case files handled by the 26 law firms between 2013 and 2020, including details of the cases, letters of instructions, and contract agreements.

“The commission is undertaking investigations at the Nairobi City County in respect of payments of legal fees to the following firms,” reads the letter in part.

The firms in question included Irungu Kang’ata and Co Advocates, Osundwa and Co Advocates, Kwanga Mboya and Co Advocates, Kithi and Co Advocates, Wanjiku Maina and Co Advocates, E Onyango and Co Advocates, JO Magolo and Co Advocates among other firms.