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Why Pool Games Have Been Banned

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Marakwet west sub-county security committee and area leaders have moved to put a ban on pool games and houses throughout the sub-county to contain the wave of crime in the region.

The move was resolved at a security meeting held at Kaptalamwa also attended by civic leaders in which the ban was recommended after it emerged that criminal gangs used the pool houses as hiding places.

The team noted that it is an uphill task for the police officers to properly monitor these places as they are frequented by youths who are out of school and other idlers.

They urged parents to engage their children in gainful activities and ensure that they have proper control over them and take note of what activities they engage in.

The committee also commended the government for providing more security personnel, and opening more police posts in the sub-county and with the availability of vehicles service delivery to the people have been enhanced.

During the meeting, the residents called for a ban on middlemen who broker potatoes and cattle in the area as they could be actively contributing to robberies by monitoring sellers and other business people and orchestrating the crime.

However the area OCPD Bosita Omukholongolo urged the people to be more collaborative with the police and come out to testify as many criminals go free because witnesses are not willing to come forward to record statements.