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Kericho Bishop Speaks on Introduction of Homosexuality in Kenya

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Homosexuality has no place in the Kenyan society as it is unreligious and un-African, Bishop Dr. James Bett of the Faith International Ministries has said.

In an interview with in Litein, Bureti Sub-county the Faith Ministry International Church (FMIC) Bishop, said Christian principles and the African culture were completely against homosexual relations and in no way in their teachings did they advocate for the union of two people of the same sex.

“The laws of God are unchangeable. Man and woman were ordained by God for protection purposes. Homosexual unions cannot conceive and have children and Genesis 2:24 is clear on this,” added Bishop Bett.

He lauded President William Ruto bold stand against same sex unions and urged the government to act before it is too late, as homosexuality posed a great challenge to moral fabric in Kenyan society.

Bishop Bett observed that low-quality media content being made accessible to children through various social media platforms, was partly to blame, contributing to moral decadence.

The cleric urged both political and religious leaders as well as stakeholders in the learning sector, to address homosexuality and embrace a firm stand against it without hesitation, since the issue was gaining prominence in the country.

“Leaders from both political and religious sectors should speak out against the issue. We do not want to assume that the matter is quiet and has no effect because already it has been seen in some schools. Officials in the education sector ought to see ways of addressing the matter by offering counseling, as well as rehabilitation centers, to deal with this.” he said.

The cleric called on parents to diligently execute their roles and duties as caretakers and mentors to their children, noting that proper parenting ought to be a concerted effort from both parents and teachers.

“It is regrettable that most parents have absconded their parental duties in anticipation that schools will shoulder utmost responsibility in mentoring their children and matters of immorality can be arrested when parents ensure they mentor their children by inculcating moral ideals that shape behavior.” added Bishop Bett.